A Business Plan for the Renton Printery (Conclusion)

This post is the conclusion of our series A Business Plan for the Renton Printery

Due to the sensitive nature of the sections of the business plan not yet covered (such as the Management Team and Personnel, Setup, and Financial Plan & Projections), I will be concluding my series here.

To go into more detail about the Renton Printery’s management team and personnel would require me to divulge certain private details, such as their specific qualifications and who they actually are.

I do not feel it is a good idea to name these private persons without their permission, and do not think it worthwhile to get all of their respective permissions ahead of time, like a chicken running with its head cut off.

I will simply say that we have plenty of people to fill the positions listed in the Executive Summary, and I have full confidence in their individual ability.

The Setup, that is, logistical matters such as our building, machinery, other equipment, and IT, are equally private matters. To put it simply, I do not think it wise to divulge operational details in a public forum.

At the very least, I would have to get my boss’s permission, which would be, for lack of a better word, an extended hassle.

Finally, the reasons for the Financial Plan and Projections being impossible and inconvenient to carry arise from two main reasons.

First, because I would have to consult heavily with my boss regarding the shop’s current operating costs. Again, more hassle, more in the public eye, and more conversations trying to convince the boss that it is plainly Not A Bad Idea.

Second, because even if I had all the permission in the world, I currently lack the expertise in accounting and graphing to present these findings in a logical manner.

I could theoretically do it, and even if it was done badly, it would at least be done. However, I would rather take some time to do it privately before showing it off to the whole world.

But such difficulties are the nature of business. Although I am dismayed to say that I cannot offer these important details, I can say with absolute integrity that I did, based on my limited knowledge of these matters, write up some things related to these matters on paper in my own time.

Perhaps someday a more complete version of those notes will see the light of day on this blog.

In the meantime, thank you all so much for reading this.

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