Wonder Woman: On the Shoulders of Aphids

Wonder Woman is the first installment in the DC Extended Universe that I found to be at all watchable.

Granted, I haven’t seen half of the DCEU (Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad), with Man of Steel being my only point of comparison, so I can’t in all honesty make a completely fair judgement.

But compared to Man of SteelWonder Woman knocks the 2013 Superman film out of the ring and into the concession stand.

It’s humorous, at times touching, and boasts some kick-butt action sequences.

Chris Pine’s portrayal of Steve Trevor is without a doubt the stand-out performance of the film. His charismatic presence combines with a knack for comedic timing to create a well-rounded leading man.

Gal Godot as Diana, the titular (though yet-to-be-dubbed-as-such) Wonder Woman is also a good foil to Steve, setting up a lot of decent punchlines. The fish-out-of-water gags that dominate the first half of the film are much cleverer than those displayed by Thor.

Speaking of Marvel’s resident demigod, if I had to give a gauge on Wonder Woman‘s overall quality, I’d compare it to the 2011’s Thor. Overall, I’d say that they’re on the same level, but unfortunately, its in the specifics that the comparison ends.

Whereas Thor has a likable but dull hero and a cool and sinister villain in Loki, Wonder Woman has a marvelous heroine and a terribly weak set of villains.

For those who don’t want spoilers, I’ll save my digital ink, but I will say that the real villain of the piece turns out to be a combination of Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and the Duke of Wesselton from Frozen.

It’s just as silly as it sounds.

Wonder Woman is great only because all the DC movies that came before it are mediocre, at best.

But it is, at the very least, a decent popcorn movie. I look forward to future installments.

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