Review: Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

Storytellers: Grant Morrison, various artists

Publisher: DC Comics

Year of Publication: 2011

Page Count: 232

What I Learned About Writing/Storytelling: Morrison likes to make the reader think when they read his stuff, so I appreciate that about his writings. That said, such a writing style probably communicates to the reader better when read issue by issue, as it gives the reader time to process what’s going on in-between issues. In the form of a trade paperback, you’re getting all of Morrison’s signature mind-bending all at once, which makes it harder to digest.

What I Learned About Art/Storytelling: There’s a whole pantheon of artists attached to this collection, but the end result is pretty cohesive. Chris Sprouse’s art works well for “Shadows on Stone,” and and Frazer Irving’s art works well for “Until the End of Time.” The only story that I think could have used a different art style was “Masquerade,” which really could have used a more noir-like feel. That would have sealed the deal pretty well in terms of what the story was trying to accomplish. That said, “Masquerade” is still pretty darn trippy, so maybe the creators did that on purpose.

Recommendation: B

Notes/Review/Synopsis: The first thing I said to myself after finishing this book was: “What was Grant Morrison smoking when he wrote this thing?” Crude jokes aside, I was able to mostly understand this trade going in, given that I haven’t read Final Crisis. Morrison, however, has this way of writing really disturbed, mind-twisting stuff, even if this instance was a more mild form of that predilection.

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