Review: All Star Superman

All Star Superman

Storytellers: Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

Publisher: DC Comics

Year of Publication: 2011

Page Count: 320

What I Learned About Writing/Storytelling: This story is Grant Morrison at his best. By that I mean that he tells tells a story which pulls from the continuity in the best possible ways, building a narrative which remains true to the core spirit of the characters in question. That’s what he did with Batman during his run over there and it’s what he’s doing now in this instance. It actually kind of makes me want to check out his take on Wonder Woman.

What I Learned About Art/Storytelling: Frank Quitely’s art isn’t always my favorite, but it works well for this story. Quitely’s art is very fleshy and organic, working well with bright colors and light tones, both of which are abundant in any Superman story worth its salt. I like how he draws the rippling, rounded physique of Superman in costume, and the intelligent, joyful expressions of Lois Lane. He also does a good job of drawing Superman and Clark Kent differently, as broken down in the book’s appendixes.

Recommendation: A

Notes/Review/Synopsis: I was pretty lukewarm toward Grant Morrison in my last review of something he wrote. Thankfully, he apparently decided to stay away from the acid when he was writing All Star Superman. Morrison’s key hallmarks are all on display here in the best way possible: high-concept plot elements, a thorough understanding of what makes classic characters tick, and smart plotting. Even the dialogue is better than usual for a Morrison story. For my money, it’s the best thing from him that I’ve ever read.

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